The Scope
IUC is a specialist education group. Through tailored consultancy, IUC services several education sectors including elementary, middle, and secondary schools, private teaching academies, further education colleges, registered training organisations, universities and other higher education institutions, and the wider education community.

IUC is owned by a group of investors with a significant interest in delivering international educational programs. This includes representatives of academe and industry. Their commitment to furthering educational opportunities for a wide range of learners is evident through a substantial investment in IUC.

Despite its youth, IUC has offices in both Australia and South Korea. Operating in an international capacity, IUC’s current clients include schools, colleges, universities and government or private organisations with interests in education.

Current institutional members of IUC include Korea University, Chung-Ang University, and Sanjii University in South Korea, and Amity University in India. IUC is currently negotiating with universities in Australia, China, and Japan.

IUC’s strength lies in its people. It works strategically with leading academics, educational practitioners, government authorities and entrepreneurial business organisations, to create exciting opportunities and high quality programs for its clients. IUC works collaboratively with its clients, tailoring programs and initiatives to suit individual or system needs. IUC intends its programs and offerings to extend beyond the norm; it emphasises innovation in the delivery of its services.

For example, IUC delivers synchronous language programs through computer-mediated communication and involves itself in the administration of study programs across universities and across countries.

IUC’s philosophy values projects across all sectors and it believes that what is accomplished in one sector may well be of value to clients in another. This sharing of innovation and initiative in education builds a stronger base for all educational institutions in servicing their students. IUC guarantees its clients access to well qualified and credentialed professionals with a wealth of international experience.

IUC’s main objective is to provide educational opportunities and experiences for students, which give them the edge in securing careers in a globalised world. This includes assisting educational institutions with internationalisation of their programs and curricula, and the development of English language teaching programs and resources for both off line and on-line instruction.