The Competitive Edge - Why Choose IUC ?

IUC’s network of specialist academics, professionals and practitioners across the world gives it a competitive edge. In a heavily globalised world, the capacity to access international experts and contexts is essential in providing a truly international education designed to prepare students to work in the global marketplace.

Access to experts also ensures that IUC’s work is subject to close scrutiny through detailed research and its application to the client’s needs.

IUC undertakes a variety of projects both within Australia and overseas. Recent projects include the design, development, and publication of an extensive English teaching and learning program used in Korea, China, and Japan, for one of our subsidiary companies, CEC Institute (Brisbane). This program accommodates English learners from age 4 to age 16 years. It is highly specialized with over 450 teacher’s and student’s books, approximately 50,000 resources such as flash cards, posters, games, and 32 CD ROMs. Sixteen of these CD ROMs are interactive. Visit the site at to see the range of published products. Visit to see this program in action in South Korea. There is no other English teaching program of which we are aware that covers the needs of English learners so thoroughly.

IUC has also designed and developed a three volume series entitled Functional English for use in developing the English language speaking skills of undergraduate students in everyday life, study abroad, and business contexts.

IUC’s affiliated company, CEC Institute, is a representative of Education Queensland International in recruiting students for study tours and it is also a representative of Griffith University English Language Institute, Australia, in recruiting students for its English programs.

The depth and strength of IUC projects is reflected in its growing connections with education institutions in India, Australia, China, and South Korea.