English Language Testing
IUC is able to offer a comprehensive range of English language testing services in association with important international figures in language testing. IUC collaborates with a number of organizations in both Australia and Korea with expertise in language testing, including ISLPR Language Services (which specialises in the assessment of language proficiency using the International Second Language Proficiency Ratings, ISLPR), the Assessment Research Centre in the University of Melbourne, and Korea University. We are able to provide tests for use with learners ranging from early elementary school to universities and other adults. Our existing tests meet a range of needs and purposes, e.g. to assess general English, academic English or vocational English.

Using internationally renowned experts, we can develop and validate new tests to meet the specific needs of business, industry or education and we are able to provide outstanding training opportunities in the area of language testing, including for people conducting interviews to assess Speaking and Listening skills for vocational and other purposes.