IUC Publications
Choral English Series (2002)
This is a five-strand teaching and learning curriculum for learners of English in elementary and middle school. The program is used in over 300 private teaching academies or schools in South Korea, China, and Japan. It has over fifty thousand resources, 450 books, and 32 interactive CD ROMS to support the strands of Communicative English, Choral Speaking, Sounds-Letters-Words!, English Writing and Grammar, and Total Physical Response.

e-Book Series
The e-book series is being piloted prior to publication
Functional English Series (2006)
The Functional English Series (2006) is designed for adult and undergraduate university students. There are three volumes titled Functional English - Daily Life, Functional English - Study Abroad, and Functional English - Business. It is currently being used in universities in South Korea and is also used in e-learning.
e-Learning Textbook Series (2006)
These materials are e-Mentor textbooks for use in e-learning classes for Elementary, Middle and High Schools and University. They are tailor made textbooks that reflect the students’ English needs.