The Objectives
  1. To utilise the expertise of IUC members, staff and advisers in developing international education programs and for the benefit of learners situated in a variety of educational contexts.
  2. To design and develop articulation pathways to IUC member universities and other tertiary and further education providers.
  3. To design, develop, and maintain excellence in synchronous, computer-mediated communication and ‘e-Learning’ programs for school students, higher education students, and professionals studying English and, potentially, other professional programs.
  4. To design and implement short and long-term study tours and exchange programs to Australian educational institutions.
  5. To develop strategic alliances with universities and other tertiary providers to develop and implement educational programs for off-shore students.
  6. To develop and implement innovative educational programs for off-shore students.
  7. To undertake research and development activities that will lead to new and effective ways to meet our clients’ needs.
Specific educational and business objectives for IUC include:

  • The ongoing development of the Tri-Country
    International Articulation Program.
  • The maintenance and gradual expansion of the e-Mentor Class, an on-line, real time English language teaching program.
  • The achievement of Australian registered training organisation status enabling the delivery of award courses in priority areas.
  • The enhancement of the research and development functions of IUC and to undertake innovative projects such as the English U-Town (virtual reality) Project.