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Study Tours

Study Tours for primary school, secondary school and university students have been conducted since 2003. Study Tours combine educational programs with activities where students can meet Australian people, experience local culture, interact with our unique environment, and learn to use English for ordinary everyday purposes. In their educational programs, students study at various Australian education providers such as universities or schools.

Nowadays, English skills are valuable not only for study purposes and the workforce but also in the real world. International experience, particularly for university students through Study Tour programs, is ranked high by many employers as a critical asset for their prospective employees. Students who undertake study tour programs can show that they are resourceful, adventurous, internationally minded, and diverse.

IUC is able to provide and coordinate various tailor-made study tour programs to meet every student’s need. Participants are exposed to intensive high quality English teaching as well as participate in exciting recreational activities, which capitalize on the opportunity to acquire and consolidate their language skills. A very high level of pastoral care is provided for all students involved in a study tour program.

Study Tour programs are usually designed to meet the specific needs of any particular group but a typical program prioritizes the value and purpose of English language education and has the following features:

The language programs are flexible, student-orientated and adjusted to the students’ age, interests, language proficiency, and levels of cognitive skill.

Study Tours provide educational opportunities that combine English language study with recreational or cultural activities, such as exploring the natural environment of Australia, visiting cultural centres or theme parks, and meeting with native English speaking Australians.

After a placement test, students are assigned to classes appropriate to their current language proficiency.

Twenty-four hour supervision is provided by a combined teaching staff of native English speaking Australian and Korean teachers in an effective language learning environment.

Students who complete a study tour program receive a certificate, study results and an evaluation report.

Fees compare favorably with America and Britain.

Optional programs, such as a ‘Golf Study Program’ or ‘Music Instrumental Program’, offer alternative teaching mediums and are available to students at affordable rates.

After English classes each day or at the end of the week, students can participate in supervised recreational activities that encourage the use of the vocabulary, structures and functional language that they have been working with during the language sessions. The activities are selected to provide creative physical and cognitive outlets for students where they can use English for normal communication purposes.