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Placement Services
IUC-Recruitment and Placement Services (RPS) is a subsidiary of the International Ubiquitous Education Consortium (IUC) Pty Ltd.

IUC-RPS offers these services for the training and placement of professional and other vocational personnel.

IUC focuses on the provision of high quality education and training. Currently IUC delivers synchronous (real-time) on-line language programs to nearly 60 schools in overseas countries. IUC has offices in Korea, India, and Australia. Our clients include government departments, city councils, multinational businesses, and industry.

IUC-RPS has the resources, skills and expertise to provide excellent services to assist companies in meeting their Human Resource needs with overseas trained personnel. We are able to identify potential employees, assess their skills, coordinate any training required (including in English language and vocational skills), and arrange their placement with our employer clients. Our services are professional, responsive, and cost-effective.

Our strategic market position allows us to render internationally renowned comprehensive services of the highest quality to our own students and other candidates.